Workplace Accessibility Grant
Application Form


Before proceeding, ensure you read all instructions and FAQ items posted on the Workplace Accessibility Grant page. Submissions that do not meet application requirements or submissions with incomplete information will incur delays in processing or application denial. 
This form is used for applications toward the Workplace Accessibility Grant.
  • Your application must clearly demonstrate how the grant will be used to address accessibility in your workplace. You will be required to provide a detailed description on how the funds will be used to directly address and remove a specific accessibility barrier in your workplace. 

  • Submitted proof of payment must meet all requirements for reimbursement. Receipts that do not meet the criteria will be rejected. Funds will be reimbursed only once your project and receipts have been fully verified by our team.

  • If you do not have proof of purchase (i.e. receipts) available, you will have the opportunity to submit them at a later date. 

  • If you have receipts available, you will have the opportunity to submit your receipts alongside this application form.
To avoid processing delays, ensure that your information is accurate, up-to-date, and as detailed as possible. EFT payment details will be collected once application has been verified by our team. All information is subject to review by Small Business BC. 

Applicant information

Business information

Please provide the name of your business as registered with B.C. Registries.
Please reference if you need help verifying your registered name.

The First Nations Band Number, as used by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. Please reference to find your Band number (if applicable).

The Business License is the one given from the municipality in which the company operates in.

This Grant Program is for companies with between 1 and 50 employees (both part time and full time), including yourself.

Project Details

When describing your project, you must specify how this grant will directly address the selected barrier and how it relates to creating an inclusive work environment for persons with disability(ies).

To learn more about each Project Types you can visit the FAQ or consult the full list of eligible covered services.

Your receipt(s) must include the following:
  1. Date(s) of Purchase (not earlier than April 1, 2021)
  2. Item(s) purchased – it should be clear from the receipt what has been purchased toward approved products and services under this grant
  3. Retailer/Seller Name/Address
  4. Amount of Purchase (The maximum amount payable per company, at this time, is up to $2500.)  
Receipt #1

Receipt #2 (if needed)

Receipt #3 (if needed)

Final Steps

Acknowledgement and Consent to Grant Requirements
The grant will be administered starting June 21, 2021 through April 30, 2023 or until funds run out, on a first come first served basis. Application submissions will be reviewed for eligibility based on criteria and may be declined on that basis at the discretion of the administrator.
If approved for the Grant, the participants may be asked to participate in a follow-up survey for data collection to improve our future services. All data collected will be stored securely and confidentially and will only be reported to Program administrators in aggregate numbers.
Personal information collected on this form and during the grant process is collected under the authority section 26(c) and (e) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information is directly related to, and required for, processing and administration of the Grant by Small Business BC.
For further information regarding our privacy policy, please visit